The key to success in business is having a legal strategy that fits the business strategy. We help our clients accomplish their business goals by creating a tailored plan that fits the needs of the business. From choosing the right entity to ensuring corporate governance documents make sense, Pretus Law can assist you.

Whether you are a startup or an ongoing business, Pretus Law will be by your side to ensure your business sits on a solid legal foundation. We will assist you in negotiating and drafting commercial agreements over the life cycle of the business, from inception to financing to business transactions:

o Shareholder/Founders Agreement
o Distribution Agreement
o Financing
o Licencing
o Franchising
o Intellectual Property Assignment
o Trademark Registration
o Purchase or sale of stock or assets
o Mergers and acquisitions
o Employment Agreement

Pretus Law can also assist you in resolving disputes that may arise in the course of business before considering litigation (e.g., collection, breach of contract, cease and desist).